Fitness and Strength & Conditioning Suites

Our fitness suite boast the latest in Life Fitness cardio, fixed resistance machines and a state of the art Strength & Conditioning Suite.

Gym / Strength & Conditioning Suite - Terms of Usage
  • Children under the age of 16 years old are  prohibited from using the gyms.
  • Children aged 16 & 17 years old are permitted to use the gyms provided they are under the constant parental / guardian supervision.
  • Appropriate clean sports clothing and shoes must be worn whilst exercising. Tops to be worn at all times.
  • Members are requested to wipe down equipment after use as a courtesy to other users.
  • Weights / equipment from the strength rooms are NOT to be moved or used in the fitness suite.
  • Please ensure that weights and other equipment are returned to their original places after use.
  • If you are unsure of how to use any piece of equipment, please seek advice from the duty manager.
  • Food and drink, with the exception of bottled water, is not permitted in the Fitness Suite or Strength & Conditioning Room
  • If members have concerns about their physical condition do not undertake strenuous physical activity without first seeking medical advice.

Fitness Suite

We provide an extensive range of Life Fitness cardio and strength machines to accommodate those new to training as well as workout veterans.

Our cardio selection provides any exerciser, regardless of ability or fitness level, with the choice to find a cardio workout that works best for their health & fitness needs. Our fixed resistance machines are biomechanically adjustable to ensure strength and performance results.

We also provide functional training equipment designed to prepare the body for the demands of a specific movement; whether it is for a daily activity or to improve sporting performance. Plus our dual adjustable pulley systems are perfect for sport specific training and strength training to build power, stability and balance that works best for them.

Strength & Conditioning Suite


One of the most cutting edge Strength & Conditioning suites in London.

We provide an extensive range of free weights for your Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting and HIIT training needs. To target endurance, strength and stamina to ultimately improve your sporting performance.

Equipment includes:

  • 4 Power racks with integrated Hammer Strength lifting platforms 
  • 4 additional lifting platforms with Olympic  bars and bumper plates
  • An extensive range of free weights
  • 4 adjustable benches