We are pleased to announce that Badminton courts are now available for our members to book, however under Tier 2 regulations members can only play other members from the same household. 

Badminton - covid playing regulations

Tier 2 Badminton Rules

Badminton courts are only available to book by our King's Club members. 

  • Singles and Doubles play can take place but only with players from the same household.
  • Guests - Our Single Full members may invite a guest to play provided that the guest is a member of their household. The guest must pre-register at the time of booking the court and pay the £10 guest fee.
  • Equipment – the club will set up the badminton nets and will have shuttlecocks available to purchase. The club is not able to hire out any equipment.
  • Sharing of shuttles – players are reminded not to pick up any stray shuttlecocks that may land on their court but to use their rackets to push the shuttle to the other court. Please ensure you sanitise your hands before and after playing.
  • Equipment bags – are to be stored at the back of the playing court.
Court Bookings

To book a 50 minute court session – members can call the club reception during opening hours and book up to 4 days in advance. Members can book a total of two time slots on different days per call. Tel: 0208 255 5404.

Court fee – a court fee of £10 will be charged at the point of booking.

Guest Fee - A member may invite a guest to play provided that they are a member of their household. A £10 guest fee is applicable at the time of booking. 

Shuttlecocks - are available to purchase from reception at £2.25 per shuttle.